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James Moss (team)

M: 0448 881 840

James Moss - Director / Owner

Tricolours Racing and Syndications was established by James Moss in November 2016. The name “Tricolours” is a dedication to the favourite NRL team of James’ late father Jack, who passed away from lung cancer in 2004.

Before starting Tricolours Racing, James was a Director at Citigroup Global Equity Markets, Australia. After 20 years in the finance industry, James decided to pursue his true passion, which is horse-racing.

James has been involved in the horse racing industry, through ownership, for over 25 years. In that time, he has learnt so much about the ownership experience and what is most important to owners.

In a short period of time, Tricolours has enjoyed outstanding success on the track with the likes of Miss Moana, Pecans, Captain Stardust, Fasika, Threeood, Ballistic Lover and Gin Martini.

James lives in Sydney with his wife Danielle and three children.

Maryanne Sayers - Assistant

After becoming a Tricolours owner in 2019, Maryanne commenced her working role with Tricolours in early 2020. She provides assistance to James in general admin and marketing, owner contact and correspondence, and event organisation. She previously worked in a number of high-level marketing and sales roles in the corporate world for many years.

Maryanne has had a lifelong passion for horse-racing which she inherited from her mother from a very young age. As a 5-year old, Maryanne was running Melbourne Cup sweeps in her street, and her childhood saw her bedroom walls adorned by posters of not rock-stars - but racehorses ! Her all-time favourite horse is Kingston Town.

She loves the history of the sport and all the characters and the stories behind horse racing. And her love of race-horses knows no boundaries.

Maryanne lives on the NSW Central Coast with her family.