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Nat Cutts How did our love affair with racing begin? It was a sunny afternoon in Sydney and we had just finished up 18 holes of golf to make a bolt to the Club House to watch Royal Witness (our friend’s racehorse at the time with Tricolours) WIN !! We were total novices and James has been amazing in supporting us through the process of becoming part owners in what has now been 8 horses. Tricolours regularly send us videos and voicemails from trainers, so we always know where our horses are at in their preparation.

Why have we only bought horses through Tricolours? Firstly, we believe the horse welfare trust that James has set up is a really important part of responsible horse ownership. Secondly, we have made amazing friends from all over the country and James & Maryanne are so inclusive of everyone, we really do feel like we are part of the Tricolours family.

Adam Carney We have been associated with Tricolours for a number of years now, with Miss Moana, Ballistic Lover, Gin Martini, Toesonthenose & Spanish Rocket. Tricolours Racing provides a wonderful experience with ownership of quality race horses. James, Maryanne and the team provide you with constant updates on your horses, from training, preparation, spelling, barrier trials, reports, plans, videos, retirement, horse welfare, gatherings, right up to race day.

Tricolours are the professionals when it comes to horse ownership, it doesn't matter what walk of life you come from or how much percentage you own in a horse, they treat everyone the same and are always there to help.

I am forever in their debt as they have brought my family and friends into a wonderful environment of togetherness and a lifetime of memories. We look forward to our future endeavours with you, so THANK YOU Tricolours Racing and bring on the Army in Black !

Michelle & Darren McConnell (Zaidelle Racing) We have been owners with Tricolours for over 4 years and believe James and the Tricolours team provides one of the best experiences for owners in horse syndication. Despite owning a small share, all owners are treated equally and the quality of communication and involvement is second to none.

It’s more than just ownership that attracted us, Tricolours organises a range of social events throughout the year which gives you the opportunity to meet and socialise with other owners. Another key part of why we stay with Tricolours is their ongoing commitment to each horse’s welfare through rehoming and post-race re-education, all the horses are treated with the utmost care with their welfare paramount. We have been fortunate to have had success with our horse ownership, and have willingly reinvested in more horses and wouldn't consider going anywhere else.

Bruce Rickard After having some time on my hands due to a medical issue and always thinking about taking part ownership in race-horses, I decided to take the plunge in mid 2019. As I was new to this, a friend who was very good with racehorses put me in touch with Tricolours Racing.

James and Maryanne have been very professional and have helped me with any questions over the last 3 years. I have learned a lot about the Sport of Champions ! My first Horse was Ballistic Lover (recently sold for $1M, stakes winner of just shy of $500K). She was an absolute star and gave me a real insight into the industry and plenty of fun on and off course. Overall I have been involved with 12 horses with 3 still racing and another just a baby Gin Martini and Cool ‘N’ Ready are my latest stars however all the 12 have made up this great life experience and ticked the bucket list!

One of the main reasons I have all my horses with Tricolours apart from the service, is the equine trust fund that they use to re-home the horses after they finish their race careers – they really care and look after their horses Racing I have learned has its ups and downs, and I have been extremely lucky to have and continue to be involved with Tricolours and some super people (trainers, strappers, jockeys etc). As a first timer I would recommend Tricolours to anyone who is interested in syndicated horses. Remember to always Bet Responsibly!

Trina I have been with Tricolours Racing and Syndications for over 3 years, and have been involved in part ownership of two horses. If you are looking at being involved in a racing syndicate, then look no further than Tricolours. If you are looking for a racing syndication where the welfare of all the horses is paramount, then look no further than Tricolours. James and his team effortlessly ensure that you feel part of a Syndication that acts with honestly and with integrity.

Dave Charlton I couldn't be happier with my Tricolours horse ownership experience. I have joined several syndications over the years and can confidently attest that the Tricolours experience is unparalleled.

The level of communication is second to none - from training paddock updates to pre and post-race access to trainers and jockeys. James and Maryanne have really made ownership about the owners and not the business. I have enjoyed the several events that the Tricolours team has held. I would recommend anyone considering a horse ownership to join Tricolours, you won't be disappointed.

Anthony Stewart When I first decided to get into horse ownership, I was considering a number of different syndicators and trainers and settled on Tricolours Racing because they had really consistent results plus a great trainer in Joe Pride. I can honestly say it was the best decision I ever made. Not only did they pick out great horses at reasonable prices, which made my first foray into horse ownership a successful one, the frequent updates kept me informed every step of the way. James is really accessible for information and updates and brutally honest in his appraisal, which is exactly what you want as a first-time owner. The Tricolours family is really inclusive and James goes out of his way to make sure the race day experience is a memorable one. I invested in another horse with Tricolours the following season and intend to do so again. I would recommend Tricolours to anyone considering racehorse ownership.

Kel Linigen I couldn't be happier with my Tricolours horse ownership experience. I have joined several syndications over the years and can confidently attest that the Tricolours experience is unparalleled.

Tricolours Racing and Syndications is a professional and affordable syndication where I purchased my first shares and what an amazing experience it has been!! The first horse I was involved in was their star mare Fasika, who won her first three races which got me hooked into the excitement of horse racing. James and Maryanne are always going above and beyond for all owners and their communication is outstanding. They are always willing to answer any questions you may have. I only ever recommend Tricolours Racing to my family and friends who have also purchased shares with Tricolours. So if you are looking to purchase shares in a racehorse, come and join the team and have as much fun as I am!