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At Tricolours Racing, we are serious about horse welfare, it is our Number 1 priority above anything else. While we are confident that horse welfare is high on the agenda for all in Racing, and our administrators are doing all they can, more needs to be done. Lots more.

As owners, we must be accountable. Horse welfare is our responsibility, including after a horse’s race career finishes. In late 2020, Tricolours announced that for every Tricolours horse purchased - it will include a one off $2,500 fee per horse that goes to a trust dedicated to re-homing and re-training all Tricolours horses. This fee will be detailed in each PDS.

As a result, when you purchase a share in a Tricolours horse, it will mean the purchase price is $62.50 more expensive for each 2.5% share than it normally would be. In other words, an extra $62.50 per share to help secure a post-race career and home for your race horse. If you are not serious about horse welfare, and don’t want to part with the extra $62.50 then with all due respect, you are not welcome as a Tricolours owner.

The $2,500 from each horse will go into a seperate trust account, and will be used as needed for our horse’s post-racing career. This trust account will be audited, and every financial year, as a collective, owners will see where the money goes and how it has been used.

In a large number of cases, horses will be sold for breeding or racing purposes, or re-homed at no cost, so that $2,500 won’t be used for those particular horses. In that case, the money will be used to go to other Tricolours horses who do need re-homing. In the instance that there is a surplus of funds that doesn’t get used for any Tricolours horses, we will donate the money to the charities that support the re-homing and re-training of racehorses. Every last cent will be used for the re-homing and re-training of race-horses.

We are confident the industry is heading in the right direction. Our promise to you, as owners, is that your horse will be looked after and cared for in the best possible way after retirement from racing.

We consider Tricolours owners as a family, and our horses are certainly a part of that family. We will do all we can to secure their future. This initiative will certainly help that. This is something that we can all be proud of together going forward.

James Moss - Director of Tricolours Racing